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Erma Babyland

Located in Limassol

Erma Babyland Kindergarten is a place founded in the heart of Limassol, with the aim of providing not only with all necessary amenities, but above all, with love and care and creatively and safely host the most valuable thing life has given us…. Our children!

We will be glad to meet you in person and guide you around the beautiful premises of our kindergarten, Erma Babyland.

Accommodation for kids aged 2years old to 5years old

In Erma Babyland Kindergarten we are truly connected to our children, and we take the lead in delivering early childhood services that respond to the specific needs of each child.

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Our Philosophy

With scientific responsibility and human sensitivity we have created a space that embraces children with what they need most at their tender age, e.g. love,

The Parent Role

Children reflect their parent’s feelings and – this is a frequent phenomenon – they have difficulty adjusting to school because their parents find it difficult

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We are trusted and valued for the role we play, ensuring our services are sustainable and accessible to all. We create environments which are understanding and empowering for the child and family.

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