The transition from the familiar environment of the house, to the school space is not an easy thing for a small child to understand. Let’s get to know their feelings and find out how we can help them adapt to their new lifestyle.

How does a child feel when they begin going to a kindergarten?

  • They intensively experience the separation from their parents and all the familiar surroundings of their home.
  • They feel stressed when coming into contact with the teacher and their schoolmates.
  • They are suddenly invited to adapt to the new school conditions, to obey rules and discipline, which also causes stress, anxiety and insecurity.

What can children earn by attending kindergarten?

  • They get socialized
  • They learn to share, to claim, to collaborate and to create things together with other children
  • They mature and conquer the completion of their personality.
  • Discussions with other children, help them acquire and improve their speech
  • They learn to cope with crises arising in the school premises, to find solutions and overcome problems and obstacles.