With scientific responsibility and human sensitivity we have created a space that embraces children with what they need most at their tender age, e.g. love, warmth and care, in order to feel certainty and safety.

Modern and safe playground toys are installed in our school’s yard, each one of them being in accordance to all European Standards. Our kitchen has all the specifications for fresh and healthy food preparation according to the regulations from the sanitary services for food safety and for H.A.C.C.P. system.

Each room has an air conditioner and a heater for regulating temperature during different seasons. All our kindergarten’s spaces are customized and equipped to cover the children needs, so that their whole round growth can be carried out perfectly.

Today, in the season of fast rates and fluid values the Kindergarten can give all the necessary experiences for early childhood. Our goal and purpose is to help infants learn about themselves, communicate with others and bidirectionally influence into their living environment.