Children reflect their parent’s feelings and – this is a frequent phenomenon – they have difficulty adjusting to school because their parents find it difficult to accept the new situation.

Six ways to easy adjustment:

  1. Conversation: Talk to the child and explain the reasons why they have to go to school.
  2. Encouragement: Urge the child and provide them with the necessary courage to cope with the new situation.
  3. Respect: Show respect and understanding for the feelings expressed by the child, share their concerns and fears as perfectly reasonable and expected.
  4. Stability: Once you have decided to send the child to school, keep a stable and firm attitude. Any setbacks will lead to the failure to assist the child.
  5. Be cool: The child may cry, scream, grasp on you anytime you leave them at the school. Keep your temper and you will manage to reassure them effectively.
  6. Persistence: No matter how intensive your child’s reactions are, even if they are persistent, you should not revoke your decision to send your child to school (unless the teachers say the opposite). Your perseverance will have the desired effect and that is the child’s adjustment to school.