A kindergarten is the threshold of school life, but also of the familiarity with a child’s real life.

Erma Babyland Kindergarten is a place founded in the heart of Limassol, with the aim of providing not only with all necessary amenities, but above all, with love and care and creatively and safely host the most valuable thing life has given us…. Our children!!

Suitable to accommodate children from the age of 2 years to the age of 5 years, with sunny and spacious rooms, heating and sanitary systems, large indoor and outdoor spaces, fully equipped with modern children’s play accessories and of course with experienced and competent educators for children’s creative activities and the best possible preparation to later enter their school years.

In Erma Babyland, we know that all of our children differ in their needs and abilities. Therefore, our aim is to assist each one of them in order to find out what attracts their interest and develop their character. Through our activities each child acquires self-confidence but also keeps their independence, so as to easily get used to their subsequent educational life.

In a modern, friendly and family-like environment, we care for the nurture and education of our little children, with our love for them as central axis, simply because this is what satisfies us and fills us with joy and pride!!

We will be glad to meet you in person and guide you around the beautiful premises of our kindergarten, Erma Babyland!!